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Justin W Hall

A FAT KID ♛ :)
Justin is a washed-up skier, a pretty alright weekend-warrior mountain biker, and a pro fat kid. He was born in Boston, attended high school in Maine, College in New Hampshire, Portland, Maine thereafter, then Moab, UT before finally finding a home in Golden, CO. To pay for bikes, tequila and twinkies, Justin is a Software Engineer on the Data team at Alley. His background is in large-scale content management and data visualization. Desert 🌵 over high alpine ⛰. Pumpkin does not belong in beer 🍺. You probably look funny in that spandex kit.

Kelsey Bernius

Power Piglet ( • • )
Kelsey is a content marketeer and writer living in Golden, CO. Raised and educated in Missoula, MT she found her way to Denver after a two-year stint as a ski bum in Mammoth Lakes, CA. During her first year in Colorado, one of her closest girlfriends lent her a 26-inch hardtail and said "it would be more fun than trail running." Turns out she was right. Several scraped and knees and years later, she's still as enamored with mountain biking as the first time. When she's not working or riding, she's usually contemplating what her next meal or snack is going to be. There's a good chance that tacos and margs take up a little too much of her diet, and she is entirely ok with that.

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